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Selected luxury packages by our Organization, addressing to our distinguished high-class clientele and executive corporate travellers, with elite desires.
Our especially trained staff that consists of professional employees designs Luxury Breaks, having a broad knowledge of the offered luxury services.
Our Quality Managers, having great experience in serving VIP Tourism, check personally, all the offered services and products.

All Services provided, for instance luxury hotels, airline tickets, yachts, cruises, limousines, lear jets, helicopters and car rentals are carefully selected with the most strict criteria.
Distinguished clients such as you, shouldn't waste any time, since it is precious!

Luxury Breaks assure you a smooth transport from your home/hotel to your destination and same upon return.
An experienced host/hostess will pick you up from the requested location and escort you to the airport in order to aboard your Private Lear jet or your scheduled flight.
He/she will accompany you to the VIP Lounge at the airport and will be at your service until your departure. You will be given all the necessary information as mobile number etc. and you can call him/her on 24-hours basis, in case the schedule changes or you require extra services.
Before arriving to your destination, your hotel will be already informed about your exact arrival time and our dedicated staff will realize your personal wishes.
At the end of the holiday or destination trip, the host/ hostess will welcome you at the airport and escort you safely home.

Absolute privacy and discretion as well as services of top qualities are guaranteed for our high-class clientele.

We thank all royalties, ministers, bankers, directors and all respectable clients for their trust in our Organization.

We are grateful of your choosing our Organizations, including The Finest Hotels of the World, The Great Hotels of the World, The Best Luxury of the World, International Luxury Hotels and The Sofios Hotel Collection etc.

The path to heavanly vacation is now revealed to you!

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